It’s high time to work miracles with Twinkly

It’s high time to work miracles with Twinkly

For those who are hesitant or confused about whether to buy smart Twinkly LED garlands or not, because it seems to be “only LED lights on the cord that just change colours”, we recommend you to read this material carefully up to the end.

Yes, standard garlands are multi-coloured, they twinkle and sometimes it’s quite attractive. But the main secret to Twinkly’s success lies in how they beautifully do that, their easy control, how the unparalleled magic of creating complex effects is and what high-quality details and solutions are available. Twinkly is a premium product with the winning features of light decorations. Twinkly captivates at first sight, surprises the owner and guests like never before.

The Twinkly brand of the Italian company Ledworks, is highly well-known and desired in the whole world. Now it has started its way to success in Ukraine. ERC Holding has the right to distribute Twinkly consumer goods and Twinkly PRO professional solutions in the countries of its presence, in particular in Ukraine. For the first time this season, the full range of Twinkly and Twinkly PRO products are available to Ukrainians.

Twinkly – modern, technological, smart LED light decorative solutions, which can be targeted and effectively controlled via a mobile app or with the help of a controller that is included.

The Milan development, design and research center has launched the usage of modern computer chips, high-quality materials, patented technologies not only in LEDs, but also in the field of image recognition, computer vision and radio signals in all Twinkly products.

Thus, they have created the best decorative lighting solution in the world for all seasons. That will create a magic atmosphere not only for the pre-Christmas period but throughout the year.

Twinkly prefers to call its unique LED products not “garlands” but “strings”. However, in accordance with the linguistic and interpretation features, we will use the term “garland” as more contextually appropriate and understandable.

Gates to the World of magic 

One of the features of the Twinkly garland is that it can be controlled not only via the built-in remote control, but also through a mobile application. The free mobile app (for iOS and Android) offers several convenient services and functions immediately after setting up the garland. Can’t stand using a huge gallery of ready-made effects of light scenarios, which you have never seen before, immediately, switching them one after another. In addition, you can edit them by colour, intensity, timing, loops or create completely new, your own, customized effects and save them to the same mobile gallery for instant or future usage.

You can also control the effects without a mobile app, and even without a smartphone thanks to the built-in controller. Moreover, you can control the effects without a local network at all. Although with a local Wi-Fi network and a mobile app, of course, you can get many more cool functions.

This means a true system of Smart IoT Twinkly technologies. It will open the gates to a whole world of light magic with countless opportunities to create something truly unusual! You can implement your own effects quickly and easily. All you have to do is to choose colours or change them and turn on your imagination to draw a pattern on the screen with your finger, and the lights of the garland will react instantly, turning on and changing colours or their intensity accordingly.

In addition, each effect can be synchronized with the melody. 

Another important feature of Twinkly is 3D or 2D mapping.

The real power of Twinkly technology lies in its innovative computer vision function for mapping tasks.

The application can identify the exact position of each LED through the camera of the smartphone and thus create a complete map for further usage and creating effects on a scale. And not only on one side of the installation (2D), but also in 360° (3D) mode. Thanks to the mapping function, you do not have to worry about the sequence of garland LEDs on the object. The only thing that matters is their number per area, and it does not matter in what way and pattern they are located there – the mapping function will do everything for you.

Synchronization with Smart Home devices


Synchronization with Smart Home devices thanks to full IoT support will multiply all the benefits of owning these devices. You can ask Google or Alexa (in English, while improving it) to turn the garland on or off, adjust the brightness or change the colours. For example, say, “Alexa, set it Yellow-Blue,” and the colours will change accordingly. The composition of several garlands, synchronized through the application for coordinated actions as a single controlled ensemble, acquires a special effect! The name of this function is Group.

For example, we have garlands on a Christmas tree, windows and doors, as well as on the tree and balcony. We combine them into a group, synchronizing into one ensemble, and as a result, we have an exciting overall effect. Each effect that is selected later will be applied to all the objects in the group at the same time! Up to 10 different or identical Twinkly Gen II garlands can be combined into a synchronized group (Gen II is the name of the second generation of products launched in the second half of 2019 and in 2020) and thus add up to 4 000 LEDs to such an ensemble-group.

But with Twinkly PRO series of professional solutions, such groups have NO limits in the number of LEDs and effects with advanced features. 

Does anyone still think that LED coloured decorations suit only Christmas and New Year periods? Probably not any longer. With Twinkly – definitely not. Decorating trees and bushes, paths or lawns, walls, houses, windows and doors – is very easy and eye-catching with Twinkly.

Twilight and nights of any season are the Twinkly time! And during the day the built-in timer in the application will turn them off at the request of the user.

The full range of Twinkly products in Ukraine 

Previously, Twinkly garlands were shipped to Ukraine quite rarely and in non-systemic ways. Someone bought them abroad, someone elsewhere in our country. The full range of products, and, moreover, immediately available, has never been presented in Ukraine. The products were sometimes not adapted to the needs of users. And even more often it was not in stock at all (despite the declaration) and instead dubious “alternatives” were offered to the customers. Now the situation has changed.

We have started distributing the full range of Twinkly products. The entire range is available in all the stores of ERC business partners in all regions and major cities of Ukraine.

The first large installation based on Twinkly PRO and Twinkly solutions was installed at the square next to the business center of the ERC holding. It is installed not only as a product advertisement object, not only to the delight of city residents and guests, and even not only as a sample for distribution purposes, but also as a platform for training and experiments for our business partners.







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