How can Twinkly garlands become the main source of lighting, and also energy efficient?

Effective and economical lighting is a key aspect of modern life. With the increase in global energy consumption, it is important to pay attention to alternative solutions…

Effective and economical lighting is a key aspect of modern life. With the increase in global energy consumption, it is important to pay attention to alternative solutions that consume less electricity. Twinkly LED garlands not only add coziness, but are also characterized by high energy efficiency, which makes them a worthy equivalent to the main sources of lighting.

Twinkly’s energy efficiency

Twinkly garlands with innovative technology successfully combine bright light, stylish design and energy efficiency. By consuming significantly less electricity than traditional lamps, LED garlands will allow you to reduce lighting costs. This is important for both households and enterprises, since rational consumption of electricity is the key to reducing costs and impact on the environment.

Smart lighting all year round

LED garlands can be relevant regardless of the season due to their versatility. They will add a spring, summer, autumn or winter mood, creating a soothing and fairy-tale atmosphere at any time of the year. Thanks to the bright colors and various lighting modes of Twinkly garlands, you will be able to elegantly complement the interior of the room with accents that will always be to your liking.

Multifunctional curtain Twinkly Curtain RGBW 400

A curtain for doors and windows, a background for a photo area or as a stylish decorative accent in the interior – there are many options for use. Given that the stretched curtain covers an area of 3 × 2 m, it can become the main source of lighting in the living room or game room. 400 LED lamps are enough not to turn on the garland at maximum power, saving even more electricity.

Strip with smart lights Twinkly Dots Lights RGB 200/400

The flexible strip is available in lengths of 10 and 20 m, equipped with 200 and 400 LEDs, respectively. The 10 m solution will come in handy, for example, in the kitchen: by decorating the area above the countertop with a ribbon, you can provide uniform lighting for comfortable cooking. A 20-meter strip will be suitable for decorating the area around the dresser to get good lighting around the mirror. Twinkly Dots Lights guarantee a nice diffused light without harming the vision.

Classic yet colorful Twinkly Strings RGBW 600 string

A garland with excellent characteristics, as for a classic model: the number of LEDs is 600, the length is 48 m! With such a garland, it is easy to create decorative accents or randomly distribute it in the room. The length and number of lamps are quite enough for Twinkly Strings RGBW 600 to serve as the main lighting in the room. It is also worth considering the color of the walls and furniture: the lighter they are, the brighter the room will be.

Twinkly Squares Wall Square Panels

Twinkly Squares LED wall panels will look very relevant in the gaming room thanks to their seamless design and unique features. By folding the panels into a rectangle, you can also simulate a picture in the living room, which will illuminate the room at the same time. Images or colors on the panels can be changed at any moment, creating the appropriate atmosphere in the room.

Take note!

All Twinkly devices must be connected to a Wi-Fi network, and the proprietary Twinkly App is used to configure and control effects from a smartphone/tablet. This allows you to group up to 10 devices with the same type of LEDs to realize even more incredible and vivid scenes.

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