Twinkly PRO garlands are a solution that allows you to extremely accurately implement all your lighting decoration plans, creating installations of any scale almost anywhere where electricity and the Internet are available.


Class of protection – IP65

Twinkly PRO garlands are more professional than Twinkly solutions. In particular, because they have the highest degree of protection – IP65, which allows them to be used outdoors in various weather conditions and temperatures from -20 °C to +60 °C.

Visually and physically larger

Twinkly PRO is visually different from Twinkly products because it has a thicker cable and larger LEDs.

Twinkly PRO controllers

The basis of Twinkly PRO solutions are light controllers powered by a 220 V network, an Ethernet connection and the ability to control lighting right out of the box. The controllers are paired with free software (Twinkly PRO – iOS only) and can control up to 1500 LEDs each. Set up in minutes, they can be switched on in cascades to increase the number of lamps to hundreds of thousands or more.

Large-scale grouping

Twinkly PRO garlands can be combined into groups of up to 60,000 LEDs, allowing you to implement the largest creative projects for maximum attention.

Unlimited number of lighting effects

Cloud storage Twinkly Cloud allows you to implement an unlimited number of different landscape settings, create new effects and synchronize them using a PC, mobile application or remote control.

Convenient and simple controls

The controller has a button to toggle the effects loaded onto it. This is convenient when the user has a small project and needs to quickly change effects, but does not have a smartphone at hand. If more than one controller is used in a lighting installation, it is better to use the Twinkly application or Twinkly Cloud cloud storage via a PC.

Music Player

Thanks to this device, Twinkly PRO LED compositions play with light in time with your favorite melodies. This allows you to create a spectacular and bright light show and significantly expands the possibilities of using garlands to implement any creative ideas and tasks.

Huge assortment

Twinkly PRO garlands, like Twinkly garlands, have signs by which you can identify and select the right product:

  • LED type – RGB, AWW and RGBW;
  • design, which has two series: “line” and “curtains” (this year the range should be expanded with “icicles” and new types of lamps);
  • cable insulation color (black, green, white and transparent).
Twinkly PRO light decorations are an opportunity to realize any ideas with light shows and decorations. Everything to make every user's wishes come true!
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