About Brand
Ledworks is an Italian startup whose mission is to promote digital innovations in the world of high-profile professionals and professionals. Ledworks is the creator of Twinkly, a set of lighting products with innovative features that can be accessed from your smartphone. Innovative and customized Twinkly light garlands demonstrate the need for a wide variety of colors and designs, for the residents to customize their holy and decorated booths and apartments independently and technologically right from your smartphone.

Company History

Twinkly Begins
Ledworks was founded in 2016 by a group of innovative entrepreneurs with expertise in hardware design, software development and digital product marketing.
Seasonal Decorations
The company began with the aim of transforming classic Christmas decorations and lighting devices on a smart device, today, an increasingly digital, connected marriage.
Twinkly for Business
The company began to promote the innovative Twinkly technology to create eye-catching large-scale light installations.
Decorative lighting for the home
Having established itself in the seasonal lighting industry, the company moved on to the new challenge - the home lighting.
Looking into the future
New technologies continue to evolve and be adopted rapidly in an increasingly connected world. The company continues to develop and innovate, offering new products and services, striving to become one of the key players in the Internet of Things industry.
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