Twinkly is a new generation of LED decorations based on three LEDs types that can be controlled by the controller included in each set or the free Twinkly mobile app.

Series Range

Strings or threads. The garlands of this series have the most traditional design of a certain number of lamps spaced 10 cm apart, but at the same time they are revolutionary in their implementation and effects.
A sequence of long, vertically hanging segments of the Strings type on a horizontal carrier. It can be used not only as a curtain for doors and windows, but can also be assembled into braids, tied as ribbons and many other ways of application.
Icicles or rain. A chain of short (with 2-6 lamps), vertically hanging segments («mini strings») on a horizontal carrier. An original solution for decorating walls or windows.
Modification of «strings», in which 190 LEDs are not assembled in a chain, but arranged like leaves on a stem, branching in different directions at intervals of 1.5 cm. This garland looks especially good on window curtains.
These premium LEDs are characterized by extraordinary brightness and a wide color gamut of more than 16 million shades. They are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.
Light Tree
A Christmas tree decorated with smart garland without a tree itself, i.e. a light cone made of garlands with a transparent wire carrier (cone lace). The height of the models varies from 1.5 to 6 meters, and the number of lamps ranges from 450 to 1,000.
Available in different lengths and with different numbers of LEDs, this premium, flexible, app-controlled (addressable), flat, matte LED head string provides extraordinary brightness and a wide range of colors with over 16 million shades. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.
This solution is similar to a gradient light strip that can be bent to create shapes, inscriptions, contours and other creative lighting and decorative objects that will effectively emphasize the interior of the room and add bright accents.
An LED strip (1.5 m) with a hundred RGB LEDs, which are located one behind the other at a distance of 1.5 m, and an adhesive base on the back. This garland is very convenient for decorating furniture, gaming chairs, various surfaces, and zoning rooms.
Twinkly Squares LED wall panels are redefining the way we think about decorative lighting. Each Squares wall panel, available in basic and advanced kits, features 64 premium addressable LEDs controlled through the app that reproduce a wide range of color shades (16 million). Physically, you can combine each main panel with 15 additional panels and use the Twinkly App to synchronize groups of Squares to create huge displays with adjustable effects, animations, and GIFs and pixel art playback.


Unique mapping feature!

After all, the Twinkly app determines the exact position of each LED through the smartphone camera, forming a complete map of them for further use and creating effects to scale.

The grouping capability

Allows you to combine up to 10 different Twinkly Gen II garlands or up to 6,000 of its lamps into a synchronized group.

The Music Dongle adapter

Enables the happy owners of Twinkly to add color and shape to any music composition.

Original effects gallery in the Twinkly app

Gives you the opportunity to enjoy incredible colorful and vibrant shows!

The ability to create your own effects with the Twinkly app

Turn your smartphone into your own creative studio where you can create your own color effects for your garlands with just one touch.

Huge range of light decorations

Twinkly products are divided into 12 design series, each of which uses three LEDs types (RGB, AWW, and RGBW) and a different number of lamps, and they also differ in cable color.

Protection availability

All Twinkly garlands have IP44 protection class, and Twinkly lighting devices has IP20 protection class.
These professional solutions for business allow you to create larger groupings and have no limits at all, opening up new horizons for professional decorating and creating effects.

Collaboration with Razer and Omen

Now gamers have a unique opportunity to try a new way to control the gaming atmosphere.

Compatibility with Google Home and Alexa

For convenient everyday voice control: you can turn the garland on or off, adjust the brightness, or change the colors at any time!
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