Strings or threads. The garlands of this series have the most traditional design of a certain number of lamps spaced 10 cm apart, but at the same time they are revolutionary in their implementation and effects.

LED Types

The Twinkly range consists of three series: each product uses certain types of LEDs – RGB, AWW і RGBW. These types are indicated in the name of the Twinkly products.
The brightest RGBW collection, also known as Twinkly Special Edition, combines the advantages of the previous two, namely RGB colors and warm and cold white tones of the AWW spectrum.
The bright, colorful Twinkly RGB collection, known as the Twinkly Multicolor Edition, has more than 16 million colors and their tones.
The elegant AWW collection is Twinkly Gold Edition. The solutions are designed for the realization of classic light show scenarios with cold and warm shades of white.


Unique mapping feature!

After all, the Twinkly app determines the exact position of each LED through the smartphone camera, forming a complete map of them for further use and creating effects to scale.

The grouping capability

Allows you to combine up to 10 different Twinkly Gen II garlands or up to 6,000 of its lamps into a synchronized group.

The Music Dongle adapter

Enables the happy owners of Twinkly to add color and shape to any music composition.

Original effects gallery in the Twinkly app

Gives you the opportunity to enjoy incredible colorful and vibrant shows!

The ability to create your own effects with the Twinkly app

Turn your smartphone into your own creative studio where you can create your own color effects for your garlands with just one touch.

Huge range of light decorations

Twinkly products are divided into 12 design series, each of which uses three LEDs types (RGB, AWW, and RGBW) and a different number of lamps, and they also differ in cable color.

Protection availability

All Twinkly garlands have IP44 protection class, and Twinkly lighting devices has IP20 protection class.
These professional solutions for business allow you to create larger groupings and have no limits at all, opening up new horizons for professional decorating and creating effects.

Collaboration with Razer and Omen

Now gamers have a unique opportunity to try a new way to control the gaming atmosphere.

Compatibility with Google Home and Alexa

For convenient everyday voice control: you can turn the garland on or off, adjust the brightness, or change the colors at any time!
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